A Fantastic Year in Review

What a marvelous, joyous, satisfying and surprising year it’s been. Since its inception in early January, the SaltyHag Studio Shop has been such a blessing. I had such fun transforming the old shed into a place of satisfying inspiration. It made me so happy but the kicker was that so many people that came loved it too.

How much fun it’s been it seems, for those who came to visit, enjoy a coffee and a cookie, chat and browse and appreciate. Every visitor reinforced the pleasure it’s come to be.

Rustic, simple and cozy.

The shop is not without it’s quirks. In a learning year l have compiled a sturdy list of things to improve.. Certainly issues around readiness, inventory, record keeping. But also some simple ergonomics that would make life easier.

To illustrate, l have entrance and exit issues l have a teeny door at the back that is sheltered.. and a massive barn door situated on the windward side of the blusteriest hilltop in Eastern Nova Scotia and a door to an attached woodshed which proved to be the door to which an inordinate amount of folks seemed first to gravitate!!!!

Currently they both fasten with interior and/or exterior bolts or hooks or wooden buttons. ( During Seaside Christmas l had to hook two of them from inside. This of course meant all of my customers were locked out unless l was free to get to the doors! Not optimum access…..) Upgrade# 1 will be latching doors and improved signage.

The second and crucial improvement will be inventory. I hope to begin the 2023 season with much more original and printed art and as always, much more felted art. This year seemed a constant scramble to keep things on the walls and shelves. The seaside weekend as a season ender requires more inventory than l ever would have imagined.

lt is possible that l could also increase my price points…a startling number of people who visited claimed my prices were low. These are bothersome issues to me, the ones l struggle with For me, the people and the work are the joy. Pricing and selling, that’s the icky bit. A necessary evil and l have yet to fully assess my income to date. My joy comes from providing something lovely at an attainable cost. I’m not out to make my million but l will admit to a certain thrill at treating myself to something l wouldn’t normally get to do but l can now do because l earned that little thrill with my own two hands. l also love to give special things to the people l love. So just maybe l will give pricing a little more thought.

l’m so looking forward to next year! I will be working hard through the winter. I will pop and and post what’s new as we weather the Maritime winter.

Stay well, stay warm and stay safe!

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