Art, in the Name of Love

mik1 008Through the 40 years we’ve been together, my husband has been a teacher, a principal, an educational administrator, is yet a professor and now as well, an Anglican priest. Between of all of these professions he has often been a student as well. With two Bachelor degrees, three Masters degrees, an Educational Doctorate and the better part of his current Masters in Divinity he’s the most “certified” soul on the planet.

In his many roles, my husband has always prepared a wicked lesson plan, presentation, speech or sermon. He is an amazing speaker and amongst his students, co-workers, fellow students and parishioners he has actual fans. They all love him.

mik1 002From time to time and usually at the last gosh darn minute, he asks for ” just a little sketch” to better illustrate his topic of the moment. Poor fella can’t draw a stick man without guidance  ( I guess he’s been to darn busy to fit drawing lessons into his portfolio. Lol..) but he believes that I can perform miracles. I’m always stunned when he and others comment on my work with this awe and appreciation. I forget that this ability, that is innate and “usual” to me and many others, isn’t always so in everyone. Then, I count my blessings and tackle the next project.

mik1 021Needless to say, there have been some varied requests. I’ve made visual aids for presentations, illustrations  and “Show-and-Tell” pieces for sermons, designs for the covers of church bulletins, murals in churches and schools, props and sets for plays, window paintings. Once I did portraits in pencil for a whole grade five class and the students had a bake sale to pay my “commission”.

007On another occasion, he invited me to be a hands-on assistant to Renee Forestall, an artist and educator who is also the daughter of acclaimed east coast Canadian painter, Tom Forrestall, whose art has been classified as Magic Realism. Renee was educating classroom teachers who suddenly found themselves having to provide art instruction when art programs and their teachers were slashed out of existence due to cutbacks. She is the inspiration of  all of my paper and paper mache passion, adding leaps and bounds to my repertoire of media and creative play.

mik1 005Over the years, it feels like I’ve must’ve made a thousand odd things. Now, hindsight is bittersweet and 20/20 let me tell you. I should’ve taken time to photograph everyone of those myriad “masterpieces. What fun we could’ve had! I’d have had fodder for blogs for the nextfive decades. Luckily, there are still a few pieces kicking around for me to share them in todays blog.

Some of my favorite pieces were pen and ink sketches created for church bulletins. With so many techniques to tempt me, I rarely just enjoy the simplicity of drawing. Every now and then when I do pick up a pencil or pen and ink, what a pleasure it is.

Now that I’m fully equipped and trying something new everyday, It will be a privilege to record every future. project and share them here as well. It’s been exciting to refresh my memory and have a venue to share. Happy days everyone!!

007 (1)004

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