Walking the Walk

Bittersweet is the Spring of 2022. Sweetness depicted above as a few of the nine family members searched hill and dale and seaside for the hidden trove of the Easter Bunny. Sweetness was when our daughter joined us a few weeks ago to spend time with the coastal crew especially her three brothers and their families.

Sarah and little bros Seth and Isaac

The “bitter” of this blustery beautiful spring came deeply as the four of them held each other up during the loss of a dear friend. This heartbreak binds my four beautiful children even closer, as they’ve always been. A plan to spend more time in August is already in the works.

Sarah and big bro Matthew

Family, for these past few weeks, has been at the fore. Loss always reminds us is that love is what is truly important. Easter was a welcome, lighthearted tribute to that love. I can say that our sunny bunny hunt was for Matt’s little ones but those great big boys still love our tradition. My heart is still pitter-patter with Matt’s expression of thanks that at 64, l’m still “the Easter Bunny” hopping thru the great outdoors after 43 years of loving him and his siblings. I share his happiness that his two gorgeous girls are in on the fun and making new memories.


My heart has been struggling, my focus was shaken. However life, as they say, goes on. “Life” has had its say for over a month. The work on my shop on the shore is behind. I’m still working towards a summer season. Progress has been made. My “May long-weekend” opening? We’ll see. I think the shop will be ready, it’ll be the inventory that is behind.

Every day l am making ready. Every day l do something to move toward an opening day when the coffee will be on and the cookie jar will be full and l can welcome friends to come and have a peek at my very humble digs.

Til then, wish me progress. I will keep you posted!

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