Hello..is anybody in there…


I’ve been led astray yet again, manacled to this screen instead of my easel and brushes! A wise person said the only thing standing between me and fulfilment is me. Me and the lure of cyberspace.

In simpler times, family was always near and when they weren’t, there was an old family album or ornately framed pictures on a lace-doilied mantel. In the new millennium my whole gang is on Facebook, Twitter and recently, here on Blogger.com!  Now, I’ve followed them into the vortex and today, my first blog.

The fact is, I am very fulfilled by the love and rewards that have been given to me by four amazing offspring, each a truly original work of art. The problem I have is shifting my focus now that they’re grown. For so long, my waking thoughts have were a litany of wants and needs and “Mom-where-is-mys” I need to defrag my tired floppy discs and allow myself to wake up to a new day, a truly blank canvas, and focus on creating a new masterpiece for myself and maybe I’ll need to shut off the computer, once in awhile!

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