Putting My Foot In It

Recently, I’ve been striving to go against the grain…

My husband has been, for 38 years, a conscientious, well respected and beloved rural educator. Meanwhile, I have always been the bumbling, disorganised stay-at-home-momma-with-some-skills. With full knowledge of my innate tendency to procrastinate and in the grip of a terror that will wreak intestinal havoc on my being, I have committed to a creative workshop. (with a venue and a schedule and everything! )

Through the decades of raising my children oftentimes I found myself breaking out the supplies and having them beside me mucking about. ( “Mommy, can we play too??” ) As well, my hubby couldn’t draw a stickman without help so, when one of the many “hats” a teacher is required to wear was an artists, I filled in to “play” with his class. Staff and students alike called on me over the years. So many things  tumbled out of our collective imaginations. How-tos in various media, themed projects to enhance curriculum, sets and props for plays. ( remembering those will be a blog for another day..)

One of the media we enjoyed was papier mache, not just volcanoes and hallowe’en masks but full-on  “Ask-her,-she-can-make-anything” endless creations. Possibilities in paper, that’s what I’m offering to teach in May.

Two days to learn how recycle any inmaginable scrap paper to make awesome new textured sheet papers that can be used for scrap booking, card making or crafted into jewellery, trinket and gift boxes. Then another two day class will follow to work and sculpt in papier mache using strip and “mash” techniques.

In keeping with the push for green living, It is a means of recycling  trash to treasure, cost effective and filled with limitless possibility. Come, “play” with me!! ( and imagine lots of pictures here, someone PLEASE tell me how to post pictures.) ppwwow

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