If the Cybergods Be With Me

handmade papers 001I’m still mired in the mysteries of fleshing out my entries with “pictures worth a thousand words” Those who know me well can attest that simply allowing the pictures speak would take WAY less time. As I plunk away at this draft, above it there is a paragraph of computer gibberish that may represent my first posted picture. I am cringing as I ready myself to hit “preview” tab.

I will be purchasing a camera, consulting my long-suffering tech support sweeties and undertaking the adventure of uploading the photo journalistic progress of my masterpieces-to-be so that my entries will pack more punch. As I prepare for my newest foray as an instructor, I am whipping up samples to grab the interest of those who will place their faith in me to deliver.

The house is a clutter of lists, litter,scraps and post-its! Wading through the confetti-ed wasteland of my kitchen, my dear husband, the educator says I need to make a teaching model for reuse. Seems I’ll be learning new things as well, right up to the second where i say “Good morning class.” (At which point I am sure I’ll be learning even more. )

I’m going to “man up” and push that preview button now so cross your fingers! (wait a minute, I’m a weinie aren’t I? If you’ve read this far you already know if I’ve been successful, but my fingers are still crossed!)

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