Hellzapoppin’ Pre-workshoppin’ Blues

I’m deep in the thick of it now! Buried to the neck in paper scraps, workshop notes, deckles and molds in various states of construction, little bags filled with shredded rainbow colors. I’m two weeks out on the countdown to the ” Possibilities in Paper” workshop.  It’s a fact that although the butterflies in my stomach have reached the “feels-like” proportion of small pterodactyls, I haven’t reached panic mode, yet.

003I am still lacking a camera to capture the journey, still squishing samples and projects into my overloaded scanner so as to share in the projects and pieces that i hope will illustrate the practical and whimsical uses of the papers we will create. First up is a note card and envelope. ( Until my recipe is fortified with something that would imbue the product with properties suited to surviving Canada Post, these gems would be perhaps best suited to “in person” giving, )

Next up is a a collage, this one, a torn paper landscape in three colors. Its only about 3″x6″ on a larger piece you could add a sailboat or maybe a lighthouse and some seabirds.


The third  is ” something fishy” and classic illustration of trial and error. It was an error in two parts. First, I designed this rather personable piscean in perky primary and tertiary hues and then I raged on like a cat with it’s tail on fire and blew it when A) I tried to seal it and it darkened the whole color balance; and B) I sealed in a little gallery label and the same sealer rendered the tag completely illegible.

He’s still cute though, so I’ll include him!  Happy trails til next time!

card and envelope 001

torn paper landscape 001

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