To Russia; With Love


While wandering around “googlespace” for the last few days, I fell in love with Russia all over again.

In the eleventh grade I had a young history teacher. Bearing the  unassuming name of Nathan Fudge, he was a gangly, sweet, soft spoken Newfoundlander with a shock of “way out there” red hair and a passion for the visceral vibrant sagas that make up Russian history.

Ivan_the_Terrible_by_madart84In the great Maritime storytelling tradition, he breathed life into figures like Ivan the Terrible, Catherine the Great, Rasputin, Nicholas and Alexander. Not just chronology, coronation and coupes but indelible characters and living color. While growing up in the era of the cold war and the looming red Russian bear, I loved every detail of their history. The interest has remained through the years. Although life and motherhood have taken precedence, my ears always perk when the news stories feature Mother Russia and I’ve enduringly had an eye for their art.

A 11055In my wanderings of late, I’ve stumbled upon Roman Zaslonov, a Russian born painter whose work is filled with the color, theatricality and romanticism that were so much a part of Mr. Fudge’s interpretation of this artist’s native land. There is so much detail and whimsy and playfulness that I could lose myself for hours in the adventure of wandering around each canvas. Imagine finding yourself in a gallery filled with this treasure!

With this as inspiration, perhaps I will lend some time and creativity to something. A tribute, a collage “in the style of” this new-to-me master. I can’t help but want to try. Stay tuned!les_marionnettes

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