All Hands on Deck!

saltyshit 002 saltyshit 003The Salty Hag has achieved maximum “flow”. Well, I’m bobbing in the current of a nice little stream anyway. Some decisions have been made and maximum flow is what we’re all working towards. To really start riding the recent tide of creativity I will need to build a better ship and I will need some help.

saltyhagggg 002The biggest lesson learned in the maiden voyage of work-shopping was that with an ounce more prep time and all the resources and tools laid out, we could’ve easily achieved a bit of excellence in the first shot. Assuming this as fact, it’s not a far stretch to assume life would run more smoothly with a similar game plan. From there I’m then slapped upside the noggin with the fact that my current work environment is a sinking ship. Mayday, Mayday..

cluttercartoonI make do and settle for what space there is in this mess and my flotsam and jetsam is everywhere. Obviously, my studio shouldn’t be our kitchen table. People get cranky when you can’t even find the table when they’re sitting down to dinner. Supplies shouldn’t be in six different rooms in boxes and laundry hampers and milk crates. Everything you need to flow and create and have beautiful things pour out of your soul and imagination must be at your fingertips not under three boxes of Christmas decorations, two hockey bags and a surfboard. You need order access and peace. ( so then most importantly, once I’m set up, all phones  and TV remotes will be hurled into the toilet.)

Right now I need a pack mule, a burning permit and a match…..

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