Gotta Feel Real Loose, Like a Long-Necked Goose!!

pppappearition 001This week has been all about letting it all hang.The flock made it back to the roost for a half dozen family celebrations that needed “toasting” to. A chance to connect and play and feast a little. I’m a walking contradiction as I learn to appreciate the peace of my emptying nest then find myself ecstatic with glee when they all come back.

At the first of the year, my one resolution was to learn to be selfish. Seems odd I know, but in my case this takes practice. I have to step out of the daily grind if I’m ever to generate “genius”. With the full support of the whole clan, I’m getting out there and great things are happening. The inaugural art workshop was a springboard for continuous interest and suddenly opportunity knocks and I’m running for the door.

pppvincentslonesomepine 001The winds of change are whispering, I hear Monty Python’s immortal segue taunting me.”…And now for something completely different”

With the limited time to paint and create over the years, most work was commissioned. The expectations of the customer being forefront, one tends to create for their satisfaction. Creating for me is now long overdue. This week, I finally found time to play!

Last month’s workshop yielded a dozen or so zipper-sealed bags of various blendered paper pulp. I’ve heard their muffled voices calling from my freezer til now. Getting loose was the order of the day when I had oodles of fun “painting” with spoonfuls of paper poured onto a deckle and mould, painting with sloshy pulp. At the end of the session there are lots of new pieces to adorn todays blog. Jerry Lee would say “Oh baby, thats a-what I like” and I really like todays crop!… I hope you do too!!

pppsaltysiren 001What a great exercise in coping with less control over a medium. It’s trial and error, a wing and a prayer.
Then, how great is it when it turns out?

Later in the day I asked my fam to have a look and my little experiments were satisfyingly recognizable to each of them. I have a few others but I want to enhance them with some cut or torn paper additions. I’ll slap them up in a blog in a few days. A worthwhile day I think. Well, you can be the judge.

As for me, I can’t wait to blender up a whole lot more “paint”.pppseabubbles 001

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