The “Feel Good” Diversion

tulip 001Some years ago, in mid-autumn, I found myself caring for my Mom-in-law throughout her battle with ovarian cancer. My husband and my eldest son were left to fill the gaps which I was leaving in our home life. The younger boys were 12 and 14. Bravely and diligently, they did so well during necessary time of independence but I was missed. As Christmas approached and we were made aware that their grandmother would lose her battle, Matthew and I put our heads together to find some way to give his younger siblings at least a glimmer of the brightness that the season was supposed to hold.

All the boys, at that time, had bedrooms on the lower floor of our home and a common living area ..all to become be their new “bachelor pad”. A place for the bros to hang out and be “men”. A new TV, video player and game system came for Christmas. They had beforehand painted my whole bottom floor. Believe me,  “bright” does no justice to the intensity of their color choices.

she 001

checked mini 001

My part was to provide artwork befitting the common living area. This was a task I could carry out while their grandmother was resting and we shared more than a chuckle or two at the subject matter.

As an art student you often learn by painting  “in the style of” other artists. I searched for examples in the genre of contemporary
man cave cartoonish and found the lively and libidinous work of an Australian artist by the name of David Laity. His ladies, inspired by his wife Regina, are curvy and exaggerated in all the right places. Some of mine are my own compositions but emulate his style.

big red 001Oh! toilette 001My league of extraordinary gentlemen approved heartily. I completed seven little pieces on whatever “canvas” I could find using the wall colors from their living area as background.  Sentimentality and also because they’re painted ” in the style” of someone else dictates that  they will remain in the family. They’ve been quirky conversation pieces for over six years now. The odd raised eyebrow over the years might mean some would wonder at the appropriateness of my atypical approach to motherhood. But they sure lightened the mood through some gloomy days. I hope you enjoy them too!!red 001

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