Notable Notes – Simplicity in Pen and Ink

kitty 001In my last post I mentioned being “nudged” to capitalize during the time I spend volunteering in a local crafters’ co-op. At the time, my scanner was being a technological tick-off but now I’ve mastered the beast. Today I had a chance to scan all of the doodley little note cards that remain of the 35 or so that I’ve created so far.

crabclaw 001You have to bear in mind that they are very simple compositions You can really only charge a minimum fee for a greeting card to keep it in a sellable range. With that in mind, I try to spend under an hour on each one. I draw them on archival quality cardstock so that if one seems to urge me to spend more time and carry it further, it can be matted and framed and sold as an artwork instead.

catch 001I won’t spend a lot of time writing tonight. I just want to scan and post a few in hopes that you may enjoy seeing them.Some are little seascapes. Some are flora and fauna of the seashore. Some are favored pets and other critters.

sheep 001The sky’s the limit I suppose and I’ve already had orders for weddings birthdays and the like. As well, they feature the favorite themes of those for whom they are intended. The most random request was a “Star Wars” theme. (Shoulda scanned that one, it wasn’t half bad…) Anyway, here’s a sample pack. Enjoy!! 🙂ns 001

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