hilton-maldives-ariaI realize this is a departure from my usual but an artist needs inspiration, right?? There are places I dream of visiting,  places that come straight to mind when someone muses “If you had a million dollars what would you do?” After I win that million,after I pay of my mortgage, renovate and finish this house and gift nice bundles of cash to my 4 children, I would kidnap my best friend Elaine and travel. For thirty-five years now, we have dreamed of travelling together but we’ve always been to poor or to busy to follow that dream.

maldives5I have a running list that includes the Italian region of Tuscany, Santorini in Greece, Perthshire in Scotland because I have ancestry there, and there are castles to explore. Barbados is a place I must return to. I loved it there when in 2001 I traveled on a teaching trip with my husband. In 2003 my daughter took me to Luperon, in the Dominican Republic for my very first “All-Inclusive Resort” experience. It was amazing!

Today I stumbled upon an awesome site. I have to add to my bucket list The Hilton Maldives’ Rengali Island Spa and Resort. The above photo is their “Ithaa Undersea Restaurant.” I stumbled upon this awesome spot this morning and it set my imagination on fire! How fun would it be to be sitting there having dinner (..obviously..Don’t order seafood for the sake of the piscene peeping toms as I’m sure they’d be more than a little perturbed! )

maldives7Can you just imagine though?  What an amazing visual feast that would be …and I do love sea creatures too. I love that in every aspect of the undersea world there is such amazing diversity in color shape, size and texture.In this paradise is beautiful over and under the sea! The resort itself is such an unusual design, pure architectural and aesthetic joy! Look at this undersea bedroom!!

hilton-maldives-underwater-hotel1But, enough dreaming for today, I’m guessing if I just spend a moment perusing their reservation fees,  I’ll get the reality check needed to inspire me to hit the studio hard. My wanderlust will have to wait, I need a little time to raise that million.

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