Empty Nest

Forgive me once again,..Unforgivable absence does not a popular blog create. Life has been in terminal flux of late, with all things culminating in what feels like a twelve car pile-up. Another metaphor might be that I’m Helen Hunt hanging on to the last tether in the climactic end of “Twister” ,…or imagine that my starship has come dangerously close to one of Steven Hawkings’  black holes.

omg beyond cuteSounds tragic right??..Those of you whose grandchildren live at a distance will laugh in my face and wonder at the drama.  Two summers ago, my daughter returned home from Ontario, in the event of carrying and delivering to us our first grandchild. As a new mom, she wanted the love and guidance of her own mom in the baby’s early days.

nana jan's sweetest teeny weenySince my granddaughter’s birth I’ve been with them one or two or three days a week. From day one, I have been overwhelmed with wonder and love. My friends have been chuckling as when even in speaking of her, my eyes always welled up with tears of absolute and overwhelming joy.

Imagine how the bottom plummeted out of me when three weeks ago, they announced their plans to return to her husbands home. With U-haul trailer packed and family in the yard watching with the bravest faces they could muster, our dear ones headed to the Georgean Bay in a race to reach their new home ahead of Hurricane Sandy.

tigerlilyAll is well, they were tucked into their new digs just ahead of the heavy winds last Monday night. Above is a picture of the sweetest tiger cub celebrating her first Hallowe’en in her new community. An amazing loving family welcomes them there as well. The town they return to is filled with culture and opportunity and infinite possibility. They go with my love and understanding. There only remains the sadness of being the ones left behind.

We’ll be cashing in our frequent flier points ASAP.

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