More Noteable Notes – “Star Wars: the Notecard”

starwarscollageThere you have it… grabbed this from the customer and scanned it at the shop so I could keep a copy. It’s such silly, random choice I’ll not likely ever draw one again but I thought it turned out well. and that counts for something I suppose. It’s such a fleeting unpredictable thing, trying to surmise what others will be drawn to.

One of the lessons I have yet to learn is to create from my own passions instead of trying to create for an audience, a customer. It has always been the case that I make things on the request of someone else. Commissions, tourist oriented work for the folk and craft stores that operate nearby, works for sets and props used in school plays. Murals in community buildings murals in the homes of family, friends and neighbors. I’m always asked because everyone who knows me knows I or invent or illustrate just about anything.

It seems though, as approach my 55th birthday, that I’m running out of time to develop a style and medium that are epitomally “me”. We are advised always to make time for the things that matter. Life to this point has been very full. I have “taken time” to smell roses, watch birds, inhale the salt air and the east coast heaven that is my home. I have always taken time for my children, I devour, with a delicious depth of appreciation, every whiff of my new grand daughters “baby smell” and kiss every inch of her soft baby skin. All of these things are life giving and satisfying.

There is though that niggling whisper that taunts me, now and then, that to realize my full potential or at least “utilize” the gifts I have been given. A page left unwritten that I really need to write…Could that time be here?

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