A “Needling” Desire to Felt

Go ahead, ask me how much fun I’m having.

I have been wallowing in woolies since Christmas and the learning curve is skyrocketing straight up! The first sculptural pieces were very well received at the “Crafter’s Room” as 75% of what was added to inventory had snuggled themselves into new hands only three days later. You can look into the sweetest owly eyes below and see why! Just look at that face…

052 049 (2) 047 044

When they were submitted last Thursday I took  most of the day to tweak them. Apparently, I live in a dank dark garret of a place and the lighting in my workspace is sorely lacking. Seeing them in bright commercial lighting, it seemed every piece needed a little something before they seemed finished! (..fluorescent lights are now prominently placed on my wish list.)

When everyone finally passed muster they were tagged and put out for display and some shots of them were obtained as they beamed from their new habitat around the shop. We’ve been blessed with some new pottery pieces and my coasters found a place with some lovely mugs and cups. I couldn’t resist color-matching some coasters with the display.

024The fellows below have all gone to new homes. The buyer scolded me for underpricing the pieces. What a struggle it is trying to summon the ego to put a value on things!

I did do the research and pieces similar to these were price at at least triple what I had decided and in truth, the time invested even at “minimum” would be worth three times more.

It is pleasure, far more than work but I need a business partner to do this visceral nasty pricing and promoting stuff. I just want to keep boogie-board along on the racing tide of creative “juice” that this medium inspires. See you again when the next batch of cuties are ready to upload from my photo files!037

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