Fantastic Felting, Family and Friends

So… everybody is getting involved!

018Initially I mentioned that my son Isaac and his dear Mary gave me my  first needle felting kit. Mary is a needle felter as well and has shared amazing sites with me as we both learn this limitless craft. I have also shared my new interest with a dear friend that I visited early in the new year. More recently Elaine and Bob, her one-of-a-kind husband of over 30 years, returned the visit.

defaultAll of the above recently convened at the home of my eldest son, Matt and his kind partner and unanimously acclaimed “hostess with the mostest” Swantje.

Add to this lovely mix my very youngest, Seth and my hard working hubby Mike and you have the makings of a  very merry, well needed and well overdue reunion of my very favorite souls. ( Not withstanding the forevermore stated and bittersweet absence of Sarah and Robin and Sadie, my own “hearts” beating outside of my body and this this province. )

default (2)These are the people who love me despite my shortcomings and are always armed and ready with good advice kind encouragement and an enthusiasm for all of the creative things  do. The other thing they’re very vocal about is wanting me to “get out there” and showcase my talents.

They have wonderful creative ideas about display, location, Internet promotion and sales. I wish there were 10 of me to carry out the plans they made for me during numerous and very lively “brainstorms”. We talked about making a “diorama” of sorts, a marketing fixture to set the scene for new pieces. We spoke about  nativity sets, mobiles featuring several pieces,  there was even talk of marketing voodoo spouses when they passed around “Mini-Bob” and became inspired.

As discussion turned to the humor and caricature  of some of my work then we mused about venues that would promote pieces with whimsy and “flavor”.  ( It may backfire on them if I revisit these plans and delegate and enlist their help.)

238550111481782863_8aDoeJ7Y_bMy personal pep squad has continued to rally behind me into the week as  I shared coffee with Mary and Isaac. Mary showed me her work, which was awesome!  I hope she will create pictures of her sweet masterpieces to feature in a future blog.

We peeked at some websites, my favourite of which featured  Gretel Parker an amazing illustrator and talented artist:

After coffee they took me on a mission to discover what’s out there in Halifax. We visited  two places to inspire in our chilly downtown. “The Loop Craft Cafe”: and “Argyle Fine Art”:

A wonderful adventure and continued support from the clan, I am truly blessed! I am taking sometime to fill a commission in papier mache, but after that I would like to do a pictorial blog of a felting project from start to finish. I’ll be blogging again soon!

loooop9607885_orig default (1)

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