Feeling Sheepish

beach walk in hagenville 003020So today’s contribution was a sheep…easy because I was at the Crafter’s room today and had the busiest day ever. I put a dent in Mr Dragon/Dino today
and photographed him and Owl and She Sheep against a white background. I’m trying to shoot them in uniform lighting and a plain back drop for future use in a book for Sadie,..my sweeeeetest granddaughter.

Upon returning home, I proceeded to download my pictures and I have Mr. Dragon/Dino and Owl but lo and behold, no sheep. There were three black pictures but no sheep. Either the gremlins are at work or technologically I’m a wiener and a spaz.

007The worst and also the best of it is She Sheep sold to one of a group of ladies, who in their exuberance purchased six of my items. Great sales day but I will have to begin anew to replace her in the list.

It was a little brown one, kind of like this one I made in January for my Dad’s birthday. I think it was my seventh sheep, but eight will be in order. Wish me a little focus, It seems to be that I’m being tested,..but I’ll keep poking away,.(..pun  intended. )059

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