Draggin’ my Heels Already…

014031How quickly they fall these pompous souls who make impetuous promises. After issuing a challenge to myself to produce a daily project, it feels as though I’m cheating myself already.

Though this fellow will be “D for Dragon. I must confess That I started him before today. To my credit I did spend a few hours on him this evening but a particularly grueling day with my dear Mom kept me away from my work basket til after 5. He especially needs a name so please do drop a suggestion.

One of my friends suggested that the resultant photos will make wonderful illustrations for a children’s book. With a lovely granddaughter as a willing test audience I agreed heartily.

026He will need finished hands, wings and eyes before I can start challenge item number three. Dragon’s rainbow colors may evoke my pride friends to offer a name,.. you know who you are so get your thinking caps on!

I can’t wait to finish this piece and begin the next and the next and the next till all twenty-six are here for all to see. I hope some of the kind souls who take time to follow me will name these felted friends. It’s a chance to win one of your very own, if I may dare to presume that would be desirable. Looking forward to hearing from some of you soon.023

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