Un Petit Chat Qui Joue avec un Boule Rouge

chaton qui joue un ball rouge 007There he is, what fun learning how to wrestle these little things out of the raw wool. Just think of what might be possible when I’ve been at it for MORE than three months!!! I will likely tweak him a little, as I would like to develop a greater facility for adding tiny details. In total he is only about 5′ long fro the tip of his nose to the end of his heel. I really like him.

chaton qui joue un ball rouge 009When I get my dander up I’d like to see him with eyes, whiskers, a nose and those poofy little cheeks cats have. A more familiar developed hand will make little miracles in time. I can’t wait to perfect this awesome sculptural technique.

chaton qui joue un ball rouge 004I really would love to see someone out there get involved in my creative process and help me give them names. I do want to thank the most enthusiastic  participant with a choice of one of the bunch when I finish creating from A to Z. So far, tho many have viewed, nobody has mustered up the gumption to send me a comment and christen a critter…

But I have Infinite patience…and I’m having fun while I wait…chaton qui joue un ball rouge 012

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