I’m Sure This is What Will Smith Meant by “Gettin’ Froggy.”

003One more little beastie. One more attempt that was like wrestling a triceratops!  (Ooooh. good idea for the beastie for the letter “T”.) One more I didn’t finish in only one day. But here is a good start. I think I’m getting punchy….Its been a wearisome week and poor this poor incomplete froggy needs tweaking but I’m trying for a post a day to keep my gears turning…..

006I have taken a few moments to peruse some how to sites. In many cases, needle felters employ the use of some form of armature. So I need to do some “research”. I think I would benefit from a workshop from an experienced artisan. It’s all well and good to “wing” it.  I could say the discovery and the “feel” of a new art form is creative process. In  more honest lingo  I’d have to confess that I blunder through an exhaustive dance that is merely trial and error.

006Looks like it may be 26 pieces in 50 days. The upside is that I will learn so much. The encouragement from the exuberant reactions of everyone who sees the little beasties doesn’t hurt either. I am also attracted to the whimsy in each piece too. I am inclined to think I will lean toward caricature rather than realism. Planning the pieces out with a sketch would be helpful too. (The drawing exercise would feel almost as good as the felting.) Sure gives a body lots to look forward to doesn’t it?

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