Ovines and Atkins…

007Starving sheep..The twiggy of sheep…In effort to replace the fella that I created then promptly sold last week, I did make a new sheep today.

011When I polled the ranks here, all of my handsome gentlemen said she was too skinny.  Well the commentary was more like: “She has some big ass sheep booty.” Camera angle notwithstanding, I had to agree. Again, shades of Will Smith or the donkey from ” Shrek”. ( I like her round thing in my face…well maybe that’s overstating it a bit.)

014Poor sheep, they said  her head and shoulders looked like they melted back into her butt.  Maybe I’ll poke another handful of fluff on her fore deck and see if the hecklers can be appeased.

012They also thought she looked like my old sheep went for a diet and a dye job. For now I’ll let you be the judge. So long til next time!054

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