Take a Walk Down Memory Lane

009008My gorgeous grand daughter has just mastered the “E-I-E-I-O” part of “Old MacDonald had a Farm”. Imagine how cute that sounds on speaker phone when her Mama calls and she clamors to talk to her Nanajan. Imagine how mushy-gushy Nanajan is going to lose it when she gets to hear it in person in a few days when I fly up to visit! There she is below with her Dada on Father’s day,..suitably “chapeau-ed” for a trip to the farm, sippy cup in hand and an adoring smile on her face.


With MacDonald’s farm in mind, I must master the felting of things that burst forth with a “meow-meow” here and a “cluck-cluck there”. I have another order to fill that will put me on track. I mentioned Memory Lane Heritage Village in my last blog.


I am honored to be asked to contribute several pieces to their gift shop. It’s a hands-on working village. with interesting vignette’s of life on the Eastern Shore in the ’40s and ’50s. Special programs and events fill the summer and fall months. Among so many other things there are lovely sheep and chickens and very happy barn cats and kittens on site. Lucky me to be able to pay tribute to these furry favorites.010

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