032014Wow!!!  It has been for ever.  Incessant needle-felting is the new day-to-day, its process, the interest, the sales, the orders, theworkshops to-be and the blast of attention of late have me involved to the point of chaos. My blog nearly abandoned, I must admit the anticipation of a website makes me want to swallow hard and reach for the Geritol uttering senseless babble about keeping up.

Overwhelmed as I have been by just word of mouth..I’m taking a deep breath and being sure I am ready for the attention that might come with more internet exposure. I’m trying to give some thought to how to present myself.   My son-in-law  Robin, who is far more gifted than I could ever dream in the ways of web design, has offered to build a website to promote my work,  taking the plunge and adding a retail component. It’s along distance love affair. Ontario to Nova Scotia is a stretch with me hoping to convey the images and ideas that would represent “me”( whoever that might be ) and he so far away, with the wherewithal to capture it…


The last time I had a moment to post I was finishing and order for P’lovers, a wonderful shop in and urban setting. At that time, I was hoping for big things. The whole summer was a bit of a nail-biter as sales came pretty slowly out of the starting gate. To keep from fidgeting about that, I took part in and awesome Arts Festival in a refurbished and revitalized old local school. I was accompanied by a fellow artist and new friend Sharon. She schedules and sources creative programming within the senior residential facility where my Mama resides. She recently asked me to teach felting in four different workshops there in the fall and winter.


Our day together at the old school was delightful, though not the relaxing quality time we hoped to spend. We  thought we’d could spend the day as impromptu mini teaching day. Sharon is an artist as well is beyond eager to add needle felting to her “repertoire”. As it turned out we barely had opportunity to touch a needle to wool as the public response that day was flabbergasting,..I have never talked so much. ( Those who know me would find that incredible considering my usual..)

Then suddenly life went boom. After checking in every two weeks or so to hear that my stock wasn’t moving at P’lovers, suddenly they were OUT of stock,..all of them and they requested a new order due ASAP. That order now filled and delivered just this past Monday I was asked how quickly Christmas fuzzies might be available to be juried, ordered and made….so for the last three days I produced a few pieces for them to choose from. They are pictured in this blog.


Also, just today the old school’s organizers have asked me to consider work shopping there too! The pace quickens, the pulse nearly flying out of my veins. Workshops looming orders to fill and commissions for Christmas…Gotta try for one more piece before sundown. Happy trails! I promise to return  with another post with more expedience than last…016

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