Come to my Window, I’ll be Home Soon…


A beautiful day In the Maritimes but at -16 with a wind chill, it is so cold!!  A fire is crackling and the nest is empty for 36 hours. I intend to only think of myself for as long as the solitude lasts. ( The salty hag sometimes feels she could easily be a salty hermit.)

013So, the current trend to have a “Brand” is whats topping my “to do” list today. As an artist in constant evolution and exploration it’s hard to settle on a singular feel or image. As an artist on the brink of becoming commercial, I think its necessary now to develop a singular way to “sell” myself.

This desire has come to light as recently, I had an opportunity to wander around the downtown in several artsy-craftsy haunts to see what’s out there. In a wonderfully tempting venue that carries high end and  primarily local Nova Scotian treasures.  Amidst the gorgeous pottery, the woolens, the weaving the one of a kind pieces from amazing artists and artisans  I noticed there were no featured felt items.

Upon inquiry, I was told they were searching for someone who could perhaps provide works in felt. Though  dangerously, tremulously excited, ( read Ned Flanders in the throes of a near epilepic  “Doodley, oh..Diddley,.. oh dear, Deedley..”) I did manage to present my case knowledgeably and articulately with all the self-possession of someone who actually sounded like she had a clue. At the same time a metal note, with bold type and many asterisks,  made me aware that a business card with contact and web info should be in my pocket when these situations arrive.

015A consistent idea and image will be key for contact, correspondence, tagging, billing, display, future workshop brochures. The list goes on, but all things must well forth from this name “Salty Hag Studio”. With an opportunity to present myself to this desired new venue these things become forefront. The Salty Hag brand will have to express some juxtaposing ideas…Salty hag, is more than anything an indication that I have never taken myself too seriously. I  am maritime “salt”- of-the-earth and the feel of my work is always nature inspired.  As  a studio its time to take myself very seriously,  realize potential and move into quickly into the future.  Wish me luck as navigate toward my “brand”!

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