From Whence Cometh my Inspiration: “Song of a Shell” by Violet L. Cuslidge

Song of a Shell: “I held a sea shell to my ear and listened to its tale of vessels bounding o’er the main and all the ships that sail. It sang of brilliant water flowers, the bright anemones that bloom beneath the ocean waves tossed in from seven seas.” 025 I have spent all of my life on the ocean. My children followed me in and remain as surfers, sailors, and sea nymphs. The sound of the sea in my ears, the feeling of floating in calm waters or riding on surf, of lazing on the harbor in my sons sailboat. Heaven on earth. “Each time I harken to this song I hear the breakers moan,  imagining a warning bell rings from a lighthouse lone. No longer need I wish to go where foam-capped billows swell,  for I’ve an ocean of my own within this pearly shell.” –  Violet L. Cuslidge


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