Easter Egg Race

009I’m felting oodles of Easter things, spring things… anything that elicits any shred of proof that Shubenacadie Sam, the groundhog isn’t a sadistic furry fibber. He foretold, over 5 weeks ago that winter would soon give way to growth and greenness and warmth. Well Sam, you have 7 days to make an honest gopher of yourself. There is a quarter inch of frost on my apple trees and its -10 so you’d best get on it!

039On Tuesday I will visit Fancy Lucky Art and Craft Gallery. It is located  in historic MacDonald House on Lawrencetown Beach. With a house full of surfers, I’ve been to the site many times but never to “Fancy Lucky”. Now I’m embarking on a blind mission to create pieces that might fit a venue I’ve never visited. Fuel for the task  presented itself in a note on my email via the Saltyhag Studio blog, inviting me to come and bring my work. So I’m felting at spring fever pitch, with the goal to have a broad array of work to put forward.


My Sweet Baby Chick, ( although my sweetest is granddaughter Sadie,)

A quick photo session netted these lovely results. Above is a sweet little guy that I made just this morning. He has wire armature and is semi pose-able. I love it!! Just below, a true harbinger of spring the Robin, with a nest of lovely eggs. Of course the ornithologists would be non-plussed as the eggs are at a scale a little large for the parent. (didn’t assign a gender but the brighter breast would suggest its a male who is sitting on them) so the missus was likely non-plussed too!

Cheer-upp! Spring is coming

Cheer-upp! Spring is coming

The page header is a rainbow of easter eggs in nests. Then for fun we needed a whole warren of easter bunnies. This fellow first. Maybe 4″ tall… Then this little cutie… about 5″ from nose to tippy toes. The goofy fellow below is quite large. As well, he’s a little cartoonish. I may pose him permanently with some sort of prop. He sits about 8″ tall.

024                          054                         020

It has been a really busy week. I’ve experienced “drivenness” this week, I have barely stopped to eat, sleep, clean or groom. My family will stage a protest if this keeps up!!!

All of that focus is just a surprising gift when the task is as much sheer fun as these projects have been. I can’t wait to take these to the shop to gather a little feedback. I promise to return soon with many new spring inspired treasures.

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