All in a Day’s Work

002Amazing the things you can do with 14 hours.

I realize I am FAR less amazing than Mother Theresa, Olivia Chow, Alice Munro or Tina Fey. I am far less capable than every soccer mom that ever drove a minivan, and Martha Stewart would drive her BMW X3 over me on her way to the organic pumpkin store. But I have my own accomplishments.

016I learned a new recipe, Thank you Swantje, for amazing Banana pancakes. And I made up one. “Vegetarian Garbonzo Bean Creole” You have to be resourceful when the cupboards are bare and you have to eat a balanced meal out of the last dregs of random ingredients available til grocery day.

I made some cool stuff today while  processing food, laundry, and mail. I played  with the dog,  recycled and composted everything that needed to be, had conversations with three of my children, checked in with my dad, talked to both of my brothers, and the nurses station at my moms longterm care facility

Cute Chick #2 and oodles of Eggs

Now,  to totally round out the day my husband returned home this evening with  the flu. We all know the when the fella’s get sick they’re pitiful.  My thesaurus does not provide a sturdy enough extrapolation of the word “drama” to describe the wretchedness of this. ( Upon discovering this frightful fact,  I took a responsible 15 minute walk and returned to disinfected everything  in sight, hopefully to rid my life of my cold and Mike’s flu.)

…AND I made all of these pretty things. My trip to Fancy Lucky was wonderful.  Every piece I’d made went right into the gallery…With Easter a month away, I’m stashing egg-stra pretty fuzzy things just in case!

Egg-stravagant colors!

Egg-stravagant colors!

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