Hues of “Ewe-nique” Headwear: Haberdashey Two.


Couldn't resist one more with the bunny...

Couldn’t resist one more with the bunny…

It’s lucky # 7 today and in some pretty Easter-ly colors.  Hopefully, these two will be it small enough to fit Shelby…( I thought I had a small bean but hers is a little beanier. )

008 (2)

My collection is growing. All of these first attempts have turned-up brims and limited embellishments.


A “side one” just flipped to lay the template and begin laying the second side.

I cannot wait to further develop and explore possibilities.  I’d like to  design and exucute more complicated motifs and try a beanie without a brim. I also want to stock up on colors.  (  Now I want some “brights” like something in a “tequila sunrise”…and greens and turquoises.) These initial projects have been earthy and understated.


I have an imposed hiatus while the family gatherings and church services of Easter weekend are upon us.  Additionally, we face the  fun and chaos of moving our two youngest sons out of  apartments to make ready to head to summer jobs out-of-province.  Before they  fly the coop we travel  to North  Carolina for two weeks.  Though I hope to catch a few days next week to try out some new ideas, chances are I will be too excited to focus.  Hats of to Spring!!!


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