The Race to Christmas.

DSC07723        Uncanny isn’t it. How the dust has barely blown off the returning school busses and the shopping malls are already sporting Christmas decorations! As a new “retailer”, I too have been railroaded into this madness. Rural cultural and crafters venues that I have dealt with in the past have had year round Christmas corners and modest  settings to display the handiwork of the artisans in my circle who have always held consideration for those who Christmas shop year-round but the urban push for Christmas profit  always leaves me a little shell shocked.DSC07712

At any rate, the kind patrons who carry my work are focused with an eye on that plum pudding prize as well, so my work has begun. Fuzzy doves, and other birds, fuzzy fish, fuzzy mittens, and some new Christmas curiosities are well under way. So many images of Christmas to choose from. I did repeat some of my favorites from last year but there are others I’m dying to wrap my head ( and a little wool..) around.  The gnomes have returned, I love these guys and they are already generating sales. They’re like potato chips, it seems that you can’t have just one.






It’s been some time since I’ve posted. The summer was busy and lucrative. I’ve been volunteering at Memory Lane Heritage Village in Lake Charlotte. As well, they are carrying my work in their gift shop.  The site seems just perfect for felting with two sheep on site, some chickens and some lovely kittens and the absolute miracle of stepping back in time to an era where the sweat of your brow and the work of your hands had very palpable meaning.  I am inspired and gratified to be there.

Later in the spring I suffered some failings in the more current technological part of my life,  both computer and camera for a time. Though countless pieces were created I did not obtain pictures.  Now that I’m back on track we’ll countdown to Christmas together. The goal I’m setting for myself on a charitable basis is a full set of Nativity inspired pieces to raffle at the churches Holly Tea.  Stay tuned as we begin the preparations for an exciting holiday season!


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