Pinteresting Developments in 2015


Lovely little fox destined for Northern Saskatchewan in February.

Pinterest now offers their site as a business tool! I had a few emails after xmas requesting a look-see. I had a look-see and signed up! I thought that anything that directed traffic to my blog would be an asset. My attention – in fact any attention to Pinterest is, to be sure, an asset to Pinterest but it has already had reciprocal results. Lots of lovely hits to my neglected blog! I’ve been so busy filling orders that I haven’t posted in a dog’s age. In the last hour or so I have had 43 hits so I am jazzed.

It has also forced me to look at Pinterest as an actual tool rather than the most enjoyable, MOST addictive “time suck” that was ever invented! The cycle completes itself when the added attention to my blog serves to coax me to develop more posts. This one will be brief but at least it will serve as an update to my busy life. Since my last post I have been fortunate enough to add two new retail locations. P’lovers in Halifax had established stores in Halifax and Mahone Bay, N.S. They have recently opened a new location on 52 Queen Street in Dartmouth, N.S. I have known and adored P’lovers’ Shelby Lendrum for over 15 years. Here she is below as pictured in a recent interview for The Coast.


Shelby Lendrum of P’lovers.

In the interview, when asked “Why shop with a conscience?”, this is her response:
 “Shifting a consumer’s mindset from a “me” mentality to a “we” mentality is what we hope to do at P’lovers. Thinking about the long-term effects of our purchasing power. What effect does this product have on the planet? Who is my money supporting when I make this purchase? P’lovers provides a community with the most responsible alternative for the planet and the people.”

I love the feel of P’lovers, in touch with the natural, the ethical, the environmental and the aesthetic. Every product is beautiful and I’m honored to be included.

Most recently, late in November to be more exact,  I was included in an awesome boutique in Sackville N.B. It is located at 10 York Street and features the beautiful and original work of numerous artists and craftspeople all over the Atlantic provinces. It is nature inspired, and so the shop is aptly named Earth Finecraft.

Storefront at 10 York Street, Sackville, N.B.

Earth Finecraft storefront at 10 York Street, Sackville, N.B.

Michelle most graciously welcomed me aboard. I still chuckle at the wonderful, if not hectic, beginning as I popped in to deliver some pieces and several them sold as I took them out of my work basket. They were out the door before they were signed into inventory! A most encouraging start to what I hope will be a long and inspiring relationship.

Now I must be off. My workspace has moved downstairs near the woodstove and my fire needs tending. Sons Isaac and Seth spent their Christmas break helping me de-clutter and build a more suitable workspace and I have promised that everything be in place before I begin the new felting year. January 6th, Epiphany seems like a good day to get inspired, let’s aim for that!


My old market sign rendered on shed scraps. Time for a new marketing design.


2 thoughts on “Pinteresting Developments in 2015

    • yay…thank you so much..I’ll try to blog often and give you something to follow…I haven’t been in to plovers since mid November so I wil make sure P’lovers Dartmouth still has product for you to see!!!..Happy new year cuz…xo

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