Out of the Starting Gate


Squirrel, one of 12 “spirit” animals that will travel with Mike to Northern Saskatchewan in February

It’s January 2015. Even without ever fallible resolutions I still feel an obligation to commit to change. Self improvement, productivity, efficiency and that  lifelong unattainable challenge of organizing myself once and for all. I balk like a horse in thunder, knowing I have to move and still daunted by the contingency that chaos and cacophony could come a-cropper on my hide.

In light of new beginnings I will try to put blinders on the fears that stall me in my tracks and look instead to greener pastures. There are certainly plusses as I begin this new year. On hand  there is much raw material and a growing list of commissions and orders for work. At Christmas time my younger brother Robin gifted me a lovely bagful of wool. Traveling thru Prince Edward Island in the summer, he and his wife Kim happened upon Pembroke Farms on the eastern end of the province. An absolute 4star gotta go site on my travel list this summer.

Our eldest son Matthew, on sabbatical leave from the coast guard, is acquiring open ocean experience while spending a year as a navigational officer on the International Telecom cable ship “Intrepid”. He has been in more southerly waters beginning with a run down the Atlantic side of South America down the coast of Colombia, Peru, down the coast of Chile and through the strait of Magellan and up the other side, passing Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil. While on the Atlantic side, he found Alpaca and Llama fibre and when he returns in Mid-January I will have further inspiration in my hand.

yummy new fleece from PEI

Yummy new fleece from PEI

Excitement at every turn, I just have to convince my family to leave me in the flux of my creative flow and cook for themselves when I’m working. Wow, what a Utopian dream that would be! Life would truly be complete.

The list of demands for work is growing and with that a great encouragement. Staying on track I had vowed to catch up home and hearth before starting production. Though I slated January 5th as a starting date I have already begun commissions for husband, as he travels north next month. The fox from my December 31st blog, the squirrel above and the convincing “in-progress” bear below are testament to the fact that I’m chomping at the bit to get started.

Til next…Cheers from the Saltyhag!!!

His bear rear...

His bear rear…


Eric the ‘alf a Bear…

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