“Time to S%#t or Get Off the Pot”

Some weeks ago, l received the paperwork to apply for my Canada Pension. Reality check doesn’t begin to describe it. I will indeed be 65 in October. Crushing, cold-water-in-my-face, denial shattering truth.

My studio gallery to to-be, the old blue shed

Lifelong, l have told myself l will set up a little shop and play and maybe even sell a bit of my art. ln reality, l’ve been selling all along. Here and there, on consignment or wholesaling and watching someone else reap the whopping markup. Although I’m grateful for these venues, “middleman”, go take a seat. I’m taking the plunge. Opening day? Dare l commit? Hmm..

Long weekend in May! There, l’ve said it.

l’ve been taking a little inventory. I am abundant with raw materials. I am able to design and create a space here that typifies my taste. And l acknowledge enough skills and more raw materials in hoarded art supplies to fill the space l have. I have walls, counters, shelving and storage.

An elk, painted with various dilutions of really strong coffee

I have been spending time and elbow grease. Much more time, a few helping hands, a shop vac and some good track lighting are needed. As well, in the midst of that, l need to do some new, exciting work. Spring fever is upon me though the world outside is still covered in ice.

I have been mucking about. Paint and paper and a doodle a day to get warmed up. The joke about a few of the new pieces being that l have the most unpalatable habit of dunking my brush in my coffee and accidentally sipping my brushwater. One mad day, l painted with my cuppa. Yummy, dark and super strong. I posted three or four and ended up with orders! Thus encouraged, l begin.

l shall persevere. I shall succeed.

Coffee and watercolor pencil..just for fun.

7 thoughts on ““Time to S%#t or Get Off the Pot”

  1. Hi from your cousin Lisa! I turned 65 this past December! I am so happy for you and your new workspace. I would love to have a she-shed myself so I can keep all my art supplies and work in there. I love your new pieces, funny how things so beautiful can start with a happy accident!

  2. Hi this is cousin Lisa! I turned 65 this past December, so I feel your pain! I am happy that you have a new workspace; I love your new pieces, it is funny how beautiful things can arise from a happy accident!

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