Exile Art

Greetings from the sleet-ridden, self isolated hermitage of the SaltyHag!!

Happenings during my last post placed all emphasis on prepping for my first solo art exhibit. It was an amazing time, culminating in a meet and greet afternoon two weeks before the three month exhibit was to close.

Sister-in-law Kim.

I had expressed warnings and understanding, in light of the encroaching Covid-19 threat. Despite this, in the end the turnout was so lovely with family friends and peers expressing kind appreciation. All so heady and overwhelming. I am so grateful to those who came out. This is all very new to me and the support was heartening.

A favourite retrospective piece from the collection of Colin Cameron

The gallery is held within our local public library. It was welcoming and casual and the staff have been heaven sent with their interest, their enthusiasm, their helpfulness and support. I will never forget their kindness. As we packed up the refreshments and took a peek at the little guestbook that is kept on-going in the library, it was deemed a successful day.

My dear cousin Sandra and sister-in-law Ann Louise

It was only the following morning when Nova Scotia recorded its first cases of this wretched virus. Schools and my welcoming library had to close their doors. Just one week later and we’ve declared state of emergency. The Saltyhag is a hermit in her home, yet always being one to make lemonade out of sour lemons. I have stocked up the cupboards, scrubbed down my surfaces, switches, doorknobs and fixtures and a bucket fulmof loose change.. My hands are chapped and my sinuses are in protest from all of the Javex. I grow fat from baking up survival yummies. ( I will weigh the equivalent of a good sized elephant if self-isolation keeps up too long. My sons are no longer popping by to devour these things. )

Enough already!….this week I will be ecstatic to be ensconced amid my paints and brushes. I will have no problem filling my isolation hours

Stay at peace. best wishes from yours truly…

Stay well my friends and neighbours. Every hope and prayer are for the healing of those suffering right now and the return to our “normal” routines. Until then I will be whipping up some creative lemonade.


10 thoughts on “Exile Art

  1. I enjoyed the meet and greet so much, it was a great afternoon. It was wonderful to see everyone and the beautiful artwork. Hopefully we can see each other again before too long. I too am cooking all the time now- this weekend will be banana bread!

    • Oh my…it was so fun. A little overwhelming but really fun. I must prepare another post…l am suffering a bit of a funk from of all of this….reallybthe time and relative quiet should be a gift to be taken advantage of…♡

    • I’m looking back on my post art show blog.
      How naive were we..oblivious to a two year battle with this foolishness. Now that you’re retired l hope you’re back into your pastels an paper…lots of love from your cousin, the Salty Hag

      • I remember that this was right before the lockdown- maybe even the day or week before? I wish I could say that I have been drawing and painting but I have not! We had a kitchen reno which is done and now bathroom is coming up. But I promise that i will get to it soon! I have a piece from Mom that she did not finish so I am going to finish it. Maybe I’ll start a blog on WordPress too so I can put pictures up! Love from Lisa

      • Do….l make crazy statements like “l’m trying to open a little shop by May long weekend..
        And then you have to hold yourself accountable..lol

      • That is such a good idea! I have to hold myself accountable and take baby steps toward my goals!

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