Spring forward?

I’m a patient woman and it’s only March, but l need some warm dry weather. Granted, there is beauty in this March snowfall, but l cannot scrub and paint an outdoor building without a nice couple of days at at least 15°C.

The February blues are upon many. The endless winter weather, Covid, and the heartbreak in the Ukraine and every global prayer for peace leave us grasping for any shred of light.

l’ve been working very hard. It’s too cold to work on the shed reno so l’m in the studio. In my heart of hearts l feel l’m still in beginner mode. I’m having so much fun but l’m unfocused, random and feeling my way. Just getting warmed up.

As you know, l’m been posting like madwoman. It seems the work has been well received, almost too well as l’ve had orders and orders and orders. Most know it’s my nature to keep saying yes but in this busy stage of my life, it gives me fear.

Productivity drops through the floor when l get overwhelmed. So to keep things on the cool l will have to put any further orders on hold until after my little shop is ready. I promise those who have already made orders that they’ll be ready for opening day if not sooner.

My best work comes when l’m free to play, when l’m not “commissioned”. My prayer going forward is to open my little shop and fill it with what ever inspires me. With motherhood, marriage, and community life my “go-to” is simply to take care of everyone. As l near 65, it seems l’ve not often taken time to even formulate an idea of what things l might truly desire.

I came close in late September in 2019 when l committed to a little local show. The stars seemed to align. I painted and collaged and dreamed and played for 3 months. Bliss. Icing on the cake was when, from January to the day Covid closed us down in March, l had my show. It was almost as amazing as my four kids!!!

So it’s time to play again. I will merrily post what falls out of my fingertips. Wish me luck!!

2 thoughts on “Spring forward?

  1. Just breathe and everyone and everything around your work , will settle…the world is another sad and unpredictable situation we pray resolves soon.

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