If Only l Could Clone Myself…

lt’s been a busy stretch. I have to reign in my brain and force myself to organize these next 68 days as l’ve already begun to panic. I told someone this morning that if there were twenty of me, l could keep every one of me busy doing something. This means of course that l’ve spent precious time today musing about what might happen if the universe should fold itself enough times to plant 20 of me in the here and now.

I begin…

One would indulge in deep self care. I’d first go for a quiet nature walk or a swim in the sea. Upon returning, l’d love to soak in a tub, exfoliate, moisturize, (and execute very basic foot care that l’d be embarrassed to plague a professional with..) and maybe even nap, there’s a foreign concept! I would play good music. I would attempt to stay peacefully in my own head for the remainder of the day. You must, it seems, discipline yourself to schedule time for self awareness.

A second clone would clean the kitchen, make enough food for a week. Then clean the kitchen again. The third on laundry, vacuuming and mopping the whole house. Then l think l’d relegate at least one all-clerical “me” to make the lists, organize schedules, assign tasks, catch up the books and do all the phone calls, social media and emails. Drudge work done!

Now to get all of the creative types on task. Two clones designated for papier mache, as you’d need one to mix “mash” suitable for the creation of both wet pulp, for awesome handmade paper, and denser pulp “clay” for sculpture. Partnered by one to play and sculpt.

More clones would be prepping scrap wood and other found objects to be upcycled into art. Using the saw, sanding and sealing and the inevitable clean up. Then the other dreaming up the metamorphosis.

My other clones could be drawing , another to paint, one to collage and doodle. Oh yes, l need a needle felter in there too.

One soul to master all of the finishing touches. To frame and mount, to package and post. That’s thirteen so far and still so much to do.

On the human and so sunny side of life, two of my clones will need to turn on the love to specialize in family. My own brood and my grandchildren are my inspiration. When the whole family get together we are 14 humans and one dog. l need a sage and loving contemporary for the adult children and a loving, huggy, cool Nana for the littles. In a similar mix we’ll need a devoted and dedicated me to cover friendships and volunteering.

Now on to the great outdoors. For my rambling yard , say at least two gardeners for veggies, flowers and landscaping.

In keeping with the natural world my deepest regret is to have travelled so little. The world has so many things to explore and experience and taste. l hope one of me will find time and money to do that.

Dear souls, enough of my ramblings. I should be working instead of day-dreaming It’s been a slice just thinking of the possibilities. Although l would love to have a herd of me, l’m sure it’s a thought that has the rest of you running for cover. Take heart, there is only me.

If it ever could be so, the last and final me should learn to drive.

4 thoughts on “If Only l Could Clone Myself…

  1. Love this, Jan. You are so very blessed to have so many wonderful aspirations in your life, and the creativity and love of life to fullfill them. May you accomplish all!!! (Or at least a few 😉)

  2. The version of you that you are to us, is everything we could ever hope for in a mom, mom in law and nana. You mean the world to us. Thank you for the thousands of ways you love, nurture, shelter and care for us. It is no fluke that you raised such outstanding human beings, and no surprise your granddaughters are so multi-talented. You are a gift to each of our lives. Thanks for being you.

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