Oh, lt’s So Close l Can Taste It….

May is upon us. Bees buzzing, grass growing, birds twittering as they pair up and build their nests. The Salty Hag is also bustling away. The new and rustic shop is taking shape. Bright corners are filling with fuzzy friends, the panels are up and ready to receive the paintings l have on hand. Every day and each bit of progress being made just add to my excitement.

A few days back we improved the walk-up area to the two big barn doors. Soon we will add a custom screen door to the right side of that entryway.

Today’s task was to further a good coat of paint on the floor. It’s a rainy day so l’m working around fixtures and furniture that could have moved out on the lawn on a sunny day. Tomorrow should see that task completed. After doing as much as l could today, l plunked down with a nice hot cuppa to take stock of the tasks left to complete. Much to my chagrin the “to-do” list is still long.

My naive hope, way back in February,was to open this “May Long-Weekend”. The busy ups and downs of family and community life have pushed that date a little further along the calendar. The space is really near to ready. By mid June l should be installing what l do have on hand. However, before l shout; “Opening Day!” from the roof tops. I need much more inventory.

There are other aspects that need addressing. I need packaging for prints. Tissue and bags for sales purchases to go home in. I have some framing yet to complete. The rest will reveal itself in setting up and working in the space. There will be lots of tweaks to make things flow and function. Lighting still hasn’t been addressed. ( that’s the biggie! )

Well my friends, lt’s happening! With all my heart l hope it will be soon. I promise to work hard and keep you posted.

Until then have a safe and joyous Spring!

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