Setting the Stage

I am beside myself with anticipation. I’m in a hurry now, to reach “Moving Day” when l finally can begin to take all of my treasures to their new lodgings. I am far from having enough inventory to fill my shop to the brim but l really cannot wait any longer to test out the space and see where things will belong…

My granddaughter, Freyja came to visit on Saturday after we shared a yummy breakfast made by my son, Matthew. It was such fun.

We carried some felt, a box full of prints and one or two paintings out do do some imagining.

I think we have a curator in the making. She is only 6 but she has a wonderful eye! The walls are fitted with panels in several colors. As we carried paintings from panel to panel to see which color made the pieces “pop”, Freyja’s choices, very different from mine were spot-on every time.

The family and friends have been visiting. They are loving the space. We chatted about an opening day. We gave thought to hours and availability. About me, ( lol,..and my age and ability ) and how this new beginning will fit into our lives as a family. I adore every one of them and cherish each visit and every bit of input as they do know me well.

In our discussions We came to a few decisions. We chose reasonable hours of operation, at least in the beginning, which will be Wednesday to Saturday, and on those days from 10am until 4pm. They also encouraged me not to delay until after I’ve increased my inventory, but to get what l have on hand settled in the space and open up shop as soon as possible so folks can can drop by.

I will be working away at it this. It’s a cozy and inviting atmosphere and l know l will be able to create there as well as in my old basement space.

So, the “stage” is nearly ready… Things are happening. l will let you know when the curtain goes up at last!

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