Garden joy

This is Christmas in July!

Daylily “Beautiful Edgings”

The week that the daylilies begin their annual extravaganza. It is the week where you bound out of bed to see what’s new, who is blooming today.

A potpourri of perfection

I’ve never properly given thanks to Allan Banks of Harbour Breezes Daylilies for being the conduit through which this beauty and deepest joy has entered my life. ln 2009, Allan hired our son lsaac to work in his beautiful gardens. The end result of this is that old lsaac fell in love and brought over 100 varieties home. My life is bliss but in July and August it’s over the top.

I’m starting to feel guilty though. These amazing daylilies seem to thrive in any condition and bless us with dazzling color and beauty for weeks on end. In return, my old body is losing the battle to keep them safe. I surely do struggle to keep up with the weeding.

The bees are happy as they have clover and sorrel and daisies and vetch in which to browse. But this fall and in the spring, these beauties will need me to hire someone to save them before next years growing season

For now, l wake with the sun, grab a coffee and run outside to see who is opening their face to the morning warmth. It the best way to start the day. Such beauty!!!

The wildlife think so too. We have spotted deer, pheasants, grouse, so many birds and squirrels, raccoons, coyotes and bobcats. The deer and the pheasants in particular believe they’re visiting the hilltop salad bar. They vex me but l can’t even bring myself to shoo them away!! We will keep finding ways to coexist,..the flora, the fauna and the Foleys

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