Irony, in the Eleventh Hour

Leave it to me. For every moment of these 30 lo-on-nng months l have sanitized, vaccinated, masked, worried (….and observed ALL of the constant and ever-evolving restrictions! ) and endured unscathed til the very week these ingrained protocols are deemed no longer mandatory. THIS is the week l picked to catch Covid!

The further irony and my great, good fortune is that after much fear and attention, in the end l was not greatly affected. I count my blessings and am mindful that so many perished and others suffer ongoing and mystifying symptoms.

My home test kit revealed a positive result last Thursday morning…and l choose to quarantine the full ten days. On Sunday l finish up and get back to it.

As you know, l’ve missed two weeks of the pleasure of inviting folks to pop in to my shop and share a few moments catching up in the midst of my art work. So Sunday l will do a thorough freshening up and airing out out to ready the space for those who wish to pop in, going forward.

l continue to post my hours of operation as every Wednesday to Saturday, 10am.until 4pm. That being said, we are often at home so my chance or by appointment l could remain or arrange to open for those for whom these hours are inconvenient. Leave a message here or or alternatively on my SaltyHag Studio Facebook page.

These guys will be waiting in the shop!

l hope you can pop by and that each and everyone enjoys a spectacular, healthy and happy summer season.

2 thoughts on “Irony, in the Eleventh Hour

    • It surely was a boring and restful week. Days are long when you’re quarantined…only one we got to talk to was our son lsaac he did grocery rescue for us….

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