A chicken and an owl walk into a bar…

Whooo gives a hoot, right?

019I’m just at a loss for time and sense right now. I got so ahead of myself that I took four new pieces to our crafter’s co-op this week and forgot to photograph them.!   Along with a new white sheep I had felted a sweet teddy bear, a penguin and a new owl ( because I love that first little fella so much I can’t part with him. ) I will remember to photograph them at a later date to share with you.

The two that remain are here for you to see. What a riot this chicken is!  When I turned up for my volunteer shift at the co-op I pulled the new inventory out to show it to my wonderful companions at the site. As they peered into the bottom of my work basket there remained just these two big orange feet. Lisa, the owner called it and ordered up a chicken by days end. What fun and a fluke that he just serendipitously developed in such a way that he can sit or stand.

The other exciting thing is that during another enjoyable gathering of family an friends, I received commissions for more needle felted woolly critters, another pony and a llama. The llama spurred my imagination and I had to have a Google and checkout the general physiology.


I’ve tried really hard to needle extensively to firm up the pieces. It’s  all well and good to be sort of handy at new things and I get so excited just diving in that I forget to connect to the “right” way to do things. When I had the opportunity to see needle felting at Argyle Fine Art,  it was a real awakening to handle the pieces and see how rock hard they were. I poked and shaped and prodded furiously at this fella for seven hours until this fellow materialized. He is still not even close to as solid as the gallery pieces! Apparently, I have a long way to go and much, much more to learn.

Well, this was just to be a short note to share a few new pictures. I will try to teach myself the “right” way to do things. I was scolded last week for under pricing my work,  but until my critters are buff and bouldery instead of soft and cuddly I will wonder how permanent their shapes will be. When  I feel like I’ve really got it right I’ll  be brave and blog a how-to. Til next time…Happy Days!031

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