Funny Bunny, Chilly Willy and the Sunflower

Spring is just around the bend! I promise!

beach walk in hagenville 008Hasn’t it been a long cold old winter? Chasing away the “February Blahs” has been a struggle. Even though I don’t get down like some folks do during the dark long nights andgray weather that has been ever present this season, I have certainly battled doldrums. It seems to be that I’ve been in SLO-MO forever, bogged down in a rut of inactivity, lacking any real productivity for logger than my conscience allows me to be comfortable. So its time for a spring tonic and revving up for the new season ahead.

Thoughts turn to renewal..a new season, new flower gardens, new seed catalogues, and mounds of new soil and transplants.With Isaac’s lilies and the rest of the veggie and perennial beds calling me to tend to post winter TLC,  its about to get busy.


Add to that the annual spring cleaning and the studio will be gathering dust unless I settle myself in for a disciplined game plan to promise time for all the wonderful things I love to do.

Maybe that’s what April Showers are for. They’re and excuse to stay inside and accomplish the indoor things and not be riddled with guilt as you would be when the back forty and the sunshine are pulling you outdoors. For now, a “Heartfelt” sunflower to make peace as we wait for the warm promise of spring.023

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