“All Things Bright and Fuzziful?” – the 26 Day Alphabetical Challenge!

059 (2)

Inspiration, incentive, commitment and productivity. Illusive wisps of thought these fine words. I am too easily distracted these days by the demands of an aging Mama. I am her ears and her memory. If I am not with her, I am on-call 24/7. I feel sometimes that “my day” will never come. But I will persevere and set an ultimatum. I will dare myself, demand of myself, to  complete one project a day. I made this little fella this afternoon so… Day 1. Check!

The critter criteria to be met is that I strive to find some fuzzy-wuzzy wonder for each letter of the Alphabet. I haven’t settled on what may represent each living thing from A to Z, ( though visions of quetzal birds and zebras may have been dancing in my head. )

I won’t commit to do them in order, I know that when I start to research subjects that some will jump out and beg me to be made. ( ..and it would seem I’ve already set the tone my barreling way through to “O” for Owl.. ) but One-a-Day, just like my vitamins!  I will post  pictures of each daily as well because I’d like some audience participation!

065If a challenge gets me working then maybe a challenge will encourage each of you to stay tuned. As an incentive to keep following my progress and to cheer me on if I dare to slow the pace I was hoping to offer a prize to those who might take time to help me name my little beasties!

My inspiration for this exciting idea comes via another needle felter, Sara Renzulli,  whose work makes me long to strive for more! If you promise not to leave me I will note her blog for you. Its one I will be following and I do encourage you to have a gander. Her work is matchless, meticulous and utterly beautiful. Please do log on to see her work at heartfeltfun.blogspot.ca  You’ll fall in love with every piece.


One of Sara Renzulli’s critters

I would soon like to spend a bit of time designing a studio logo and include, in the future, my contact info and a name tag of sorts for these fun fellows as they come into being. Please spur me on by taking time to bestow a moniker on my wooly friends I will promise one of the twenty-six to the person whose suggestions are the most favored. If it happens that your suggestions christen the most pieces I will offer you your choice at the end of the challenge and mail him to you to enjoy. Please take part and post your suggestions below. I will be checking in and posting daily so stay tuned and enjoy!

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