The Un-“bear”-able Lightness of Being… (Made of 100% Wool!!)


A poorly lit but finished bear.



A sample page from an instructional text credited to

It’s Epiphany!! I am continuing my journey through Michael’s “spirit animals”. I’m flying without a guide and feeling my way through as each one is something entirely new to me. If you remember posts from spring last year I often referred to instructional videos by a fiber artist in Maryland, Sara Renzulli. Her basic building techniques have enabled me to invent the building blocks of new animal structures on my own and though the process of building is slow I can manage, perhaps haltingly to turn my hand to whatever imagination tempts me.

Basically  I enjoy an hour of “Google” research, build and armature from skeleton reference photos, wrap the wire with core roving, build shapes, add color and details and then needle felt the whole to sculpt and shape the wee beastie to finality. The latest is a lovely brown bear pictured above in his fuzzy completion, he began with this line drawing.

After wrapping with a grey core roving and adding so much fiber to his belly and chest he was ready for details. Just below you can see I’d begun his face and some of his finish brown color on his rump and legs. I have to remind myself to turn the piece refer to pictures and make changes before I get carried away with finish, The glitch I had to deal with was that I only had a little of the fiber needed for his brown top coat. His shape had to be right before going too far with his pelt.

When this crop of critters heads to Saskatchewan, Mike wants a “how-to” guide to take with them. I will focus on shortest and clearest description as I get my head around that. For now though, I must stoke up my wood fire and ready supplies for the next project!


blotchy bear


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