Maelstrom Marathon

   Maelstrom:  A situation or state of confused movement or violent turmoil. Syn: bedlam, confusion, chaos, disarray, pandemonium, tumult, turbulence,..upheaval.

   Marathon: A long distance race. An event that requires prolonged attention effort and endurance.

This is my life since last November. To chronicle the events would simply be another marathon so I endeavor instead to state that life has been every kind of hell mixed with smatterings of every kind of heaven and the rollercoaster isn’t retiring just yet.  Still I stand upright ready to shake of the dust and begin life anew.

When the pace  has stilled enough to focus, I have picked up my needles again.  In the next few weeks I will seek out the kind people who have given value to my efforts.  I hope l may repair the damage left from a stretch that witnessed little productivity, and pray their faith in my creativity remains.  Here is a hopeful hedgehog to kick of the “first day of the rest of my life”.  If it gets crazy again, he can teach me to curl up in a ball and seek a corner, quiet and tranquil, til the storm passes.

Soft, serene, little hedgehog.

Soft, serene, little hedgehog.

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