Recently someone very dear to me recommended I try to felt a horse. A related friend had connections to Saratoga Springs, the land of intimidatingly “horsey” people. Thoroughbreds, bloodlines,. Equine perfection. Never one to back away from a dare or a challenge I created a lovely dapple grey pony.  Not blood sweat and tears but an exciting and satisfactory four days work. It was swooned over by less intimidating, yet still “horsey” people. Exhibit “A”,  posted here in my pitifully executed photographs, has generated several orders and I love him!

I did send the photos off to Saratoga Springs. and I’m still chuckling from the response.

“Good first try.  Here are some suggestions:
          Mane requires some work,  as can be seen in the photos I forwarded to you.
           I think people would be more inclined to purchase one that is more realistic looking.
            Send Janice the photos and see what she thinks.  Her first try certainly shows promise and as a caricature maybe something worth keeping in mind.”
I didn’t receive any attached photos from her to “help” me improve my skills. I resisted the urge to respond that even at minimum for hours worked he would’ve rung in at about $175 wholesale. To take the time, (..this gal may not realize I do have the skill, ).to achieve anatomical perfection,  that price would have to double to be worth my while. Maybe in Saratoga Springs that’s not an issue. Maybe when I have the time and my real,  attainable orders are filled I will try again. There is an amazing world of subjects. Right now, to be that specialized in any one would lessen the joy in creating. But should I find time to spare it would be worth it to take at least a few pieces as far as they could go. Some day….

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