Gnomes, gnomes, gnomes from this years stash.

  It’s two weeks to Hallowe’en and the retail world is twitching to trash the treats and pumpkins and bring out the tinsel, the trees and the Three Wise Men. In the blink of an eye we will be buying poppies and listening to Christmas carols at the supermarket.  

022 (7)Canadian Tire is already concentrating the ghosts and glow in the dark witches to make room for the string lights and faux-fir trees.  I will pass through their doors  and mutter as I’m assaulted with “Jingle Bell Rock”  and an eight-foot Jolly Old St Nick.  I have grumbled, Grinch-like, about this premature commercial push for as many years as I can remember. 023 (8)

      Now, imagine me squirming in the hypocrisy.  As a maker of lovely gifty things ( and a sloww-ww-poke.)  I must pre-anticipate this need months earlier  than even these ambitious retailers. 

011 (11)My fluff pile has been manufacturing Christmas since August. Seasonal warm and fuzzies aren’t in my horizon yet but I do have a lapful nearly everyday as I felt away at treasures for P’lovers. Looking back on previous seasons its not hard to find the mood. As well, I’m still so tickled at the way people have appreciated each piece. Touching them and marvelling at what they see as magic, the reason for the season…


An old Nativity set from my first year as a felter.

2 thoughts on “RUSH,..

    • yeah its just tough being part of the commercial aspect of the season…but love and giving and handmade sure
      make it more justifiable..

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