Fast and Furious Felting

In the nick of time, Sarah has joined the fight to fulfilled my hope for order in my chronic disorder. I think, with unwavering hope, that for the last three years I have resolved to get my ducks in a row. As 2015 comes to a close, at least my artistic chaos got an overhaul. She will save me and I love her so.


bunnies telling secrets..

We’ve gone a few more steps by  way of social media. Sarah’s gift to me was to add a Facebook business page and open an Etsy Shop under the Salty Hag  Studio name. I wouldn’t say we’re “viral” yet but the world is aware of the “Saltyhag” bug…Pieces shipped to Australia, Ontario and the U.S. already.



Fabulous Felicity fox, the Etsy figurehead.


Etsy’s page went live on November 2nd and it’s been heartening from the onset as  enthusiastic responses poured in. As well,  an eye opening bunch of orders were the immediate response. All of this in the midst of one or the biggest Maritime retail orders I’ve ever had!

Also on the local front, a wonderful  innovative business has begun right here on my beloved Eastern Shore. Surrounded by friends and family, local entrepreneur, Emma Kiley has opened “Uprooted” Market and Café. A total package with perfect coastal ambiance, a market that showcases local and organic food producers and artisans and  a café that “wows” with amazing food and beverage.


Emma’s awesome business page logo

I spent the day last Thursday as a pop-up “artist in residence” and she issued an open-ended welcome to return any time. I felted a dozen ornaments for her tree throughout the day and talked to so many of her enthusiastic patrons. It was so lovely. You could not imagine a nicer place to while away a drizzly November day…in warmth and welcome and the heartiest bowl of vegetable-beef soup, tempting, tasty and totally chockfull of local ingredients.

Check it out on her website and on Facebook. Maybe I’ll see you there because you know I’ll be heading back soon!!

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