Making an Ass of Myself

In the Bible this lovely humble beast has a starring role. I think it is no accident that he figures in two quintessential times in the life of our Savior and in the Church calendar. He bears His mother to Bethlehem during the long journey to His humble birthplace in Bethlehem… and he bears Him to Jerusalem where He faces the events that lead up to His Crucifixion. The donkey carries his precious burdens with  quiet strength, steadfastness and humility.


He is the symbol of stubbornness as well. but I believe it is self preservation and care for his burdens that sometime make him balk at challenging pathways, taking time to calculate a sure footing for his tiny hooves.


This is Sparkle, He lives in Clam Harbour but recently debuted as the solid little beast of burden in “A Walk thru Bethlehem” at Lake Charlotte’s wonderful Memory Lane Heritage Village. It was a beautiful  scene. Though amid the murmuring of shepherds there could be heard some bleating, some clucking, some mooing and braying..  was time that embodied the calm and simplicity of Franz Xavier Gruber’s “Silent Night”. Merry Christmas to you and yours.





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