New year, gone to the dogs

Here they are! Oddly the hit of the season. I have begun the New Year with lots of orders. A variety for sure but the popular vote goes to this little foxy fellow! The cagey canines have won hearts from Australia to Arizona to Alberta…and the demand is unceasing!! this lot look like they’ve all come down with a simultaneous case of crazy-eye, (or was that lazy eye..) Crazy like a fox,  as they say.


It’s a beautiful sunshiny day in Ship Harbour where I am dog-sitting this lovely canine,  Mr. Orion Miller,…currently living out his very elder years with his Uncle Matt.  So, AKA: Mr. Orion Foley!  He is an old gentleman with flatulence that could win trophies but the sweetest soul that ever lived.


Add to our merry group this old fart,  my own Spikey who is being sized up by the foxes as competition for my affections…


It’s been peaceful, relaxing and pleasantly productive. I will hate to leave. Good-bye for now from the Saltyhag and  a half-dozen contented canines…Happy New Year!!


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